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I was introduced to Ms.Sheriff during my training days at one of the finest schools in India. She had come as a guest faculty, teaching Dancehall. That was the first time I was introduced to this amazing culture from Jamaica. Her sessions really intrigued me to explore further and I travelled all the way to Mumbai to train under her guidance. There's been no looking back ever since.
It's been almost 3 years now and I've only got deeper into the Dancehall culture. What I really admire the most about Ms.Sheriff is that she really focuses on maintaining the authenticity of the culture and makes sure it's delivered to you in its rawest form in terms of information and knowledge. Her sessions are full power packed with energy and fun, but mind you, she can be strict when required. She will joke around with you but also straighten you up where you need to be. More than a teacher, she has guided me like a friend and made sure I work through my utmost potential. Thank you for always pushing me.


Rohit Nitin Kispotta

It was a great pleasure to be a part of your classes. You're a humble teacher. It was memorable to attend your classes.

I got to learn so much about Dancehall from you. I improved alot by learning from you.

Thankyou for always supporting me. 


The best decision I made during the lockdown is to learn yoga from Jahnavi. I ardently follow her dance routines but her yoga sessions are something else. One is surprised by the amount of fun one can have on the mat. I trust her and the process because I have seen remarkable improvements in my strength, flexibility, and mobility by consistently practicing with her. Consistency, patience, and a teacher like her will make anyone shine and feel great on the mat and outside it. Thank you, J!



The other J


Yoga with Jahnavi has been a amazing journey. I remember the day when I asked Jahnavi if I would be able to do yoga since I was not flexible and she assured me that I got nothing to worry about. I made up my mind to explore yoga to improve my flexibility for dancing and showed up in the class. That was one of the best decisions of my life as somewhere I held myself back by thinking that I wasn't flexible enough for yoga. Jahnavi, as a yoga teacher knew how to take me step by step since I was a beginner and guided patiently. I like that the batch is limited to a certain number of students so that individual attention can be given to each and every one of them. The structure of the classes is such that we balance both strength and flexibility and make our basics strong so that the advance poses become a piece of cake. Pranayama, meditation, Tratak, Asana and Vinayasa are sequenced such that the classes are in a flow and leave us feeling light and in a better state of mind and body. I highly admire the attention and efforts Jahnavi invests into the students and that has been a major driving force for me. I now believe I shall be able to achieve even the most difficult yoga poses with patience and such focussed practice. I would recommend everyone to have the opportunity to attend Jahnavi's yoga classes. - Pooja Gaikwad

I have been practicing and learning yoga under the guidance of Jahnavi since 2017. She is an impeccable teacher who will make you smile and laugh through the sweet pain of growth you might be feeling during the practices. 


Online classes or studio classes, she understands her students and meet

them were they are. 

She pushes us to achieve the things we might think is not possible for our body and mind to do and at the same time emphasis on listening to one's body and not forcing through, rather breathing through! 

Her classes have helped me heal from my injuries helping me get back feeling more stronger and centred than before.

"I will bend and flow with ease." an affirmation she frequently guides us with  has stuck with me still date. 

 The application of  learnings from her classes goes beyond the asana practices. Well, yoga is a lifestyle and teaches you about life, about your self, about your surroundings and so much more then you can possibly think of and in her classes and under her guidance I am truly experiencing and learning that. 

- Shreya Sinha

I have had a wonderful time learning Dancehall with Jahnavi. To the people who are new to Dancehall it is just a Jamaican dance style. But artists like Jahnavi who have studied Dancehall in and out, shared their knowledge with us and left us astounded with the story of how Dancehall came into being and evolved thereafter. I am not a trained or professional dancer, yet over the time I have become decent in Dancehall. One of my favorite things about her Dancehall classes is that every class is a surprise to us. We learn, we dance and we are tested on the Dancehall steps where we create our own choreographies within a certain time frame , for example 10-15mins. This helps us come out of our shells, learn to interact with other dancers and dance on the spot. Jahnavi has encouraged me to grow more confident with expressions while dancing. Her faith as a Dancehall teacher has pushed me to do better and make me want to go to classes every time. I love Jahnavi's choreographies and even keep practicing in my head when I can't dance, given the place or time. I have always finished the classes feeling better and would recommend every dancer out there who is exploring various dance styles, especially Dancehall, to learn from the best as I have from Jahnavi. -

Pooja Gaikwad

I would just like to start with saying that Jahnavi Sheriff is the best mentor and the best teacher I could ever ask for! She has always been there for me whenever I needed any guidance. My 2 months in Mumbai training under her changed my career in dancing all together and all thanks to lockdown I got to attend her classes again. 

If you're ever looking for a dancehall or yoga teacher, you know where to go! 

My yoga journey started with her and I am so glad it started the right way. She always pushes you to be the best version of yourself and trust me when I say this, you can see growth in yourself in a matter of days. 

What I love about her dancehall classes is that she always puts knowledge first! One of the first ones to start dancehall culture in India and look where it is now. It's always a pleasure attending her classes and her workshops. I hope to attend her classes in person really really soon!

For me, she's always going to be the first person to recommend when it comes to dancehall and yoga and I am pretty sure a lot of her students feel the same way. - Priyanka Ahuja

It was December, 2016 when I attended my first class of Jahnavi Sheriff. She introduced me to Dancehall and I will forever be grateful for it. 


She has always been a mentor who pushed me to learn more and to never give up. After the first class, I was hooked to Dancehall and she never hesitated in sharing more and more options from where I could get more knowledge. A year later, She offered me to assist in her class in Mumbai which gave me confidence to grow more.


She has always been the person to push me as an individual dancer and the community as a whole. By hosting dancehall parties with showcases of local dancers from the city, giving them exposure and more chances to show their true side to the world. 


Starting from being a student then becoming a teacher, she always guided me to be on right path and how to never stop learning. I remember her statement that - I always loved being a student and I think I will never stop being one. 



Always been grateful, always will be. - Agam Anand

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