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privacy Policyy

  • Jahnavi Sheriff takes customer privacy and security of customer data and information very seriously. 

  • If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not register as a member, use the Website, or purchase any of our Services or Products. By going ahead and using or purchasing any of our products and services you explicitly agree with this policy. 

  • What data do we collect? 

  • 1. Personal details such as name, email address, phone number . This is so we can contact you and to authenticate you signing in and out of our service as well as to provide you products and services you request. 

  • 2. IP address and time of site visits and general use of our website and programs. This is standard practise to aid in the running of our servers in case of a fault. 

  • 3. Testimonials. So one can see the students journey for thhe month and see how yoga or dance has impacted them.

  • 4. Billing and invoice information for accounting and audit purposes.  Do not store or process your credit/debit card or other payment details- the e-commerce platform and payment gateways we use will do this in a secure manner. 

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